Saint Savinien


Saint Savinien in the Charente Maritime department of the Poitou Charente region of France, just an easy 30 drive from our affordable family friendly cottages

It has a weekly market and an annual wine fair. Wander the small winding streets up to the church, buy some fresh oysters and fruit for lunch and then picnic by the Charente on a hot summers afternoon.However, you must not miss the ‘port miniature’ and the children would never forgive you if you did !

P1030622-150x150-186x186In the park is a large lake with two canals. Here you will find the’Port Minaiture’ where over the last 20yrs the vision of l’ATELIER DU MARTIN PÊCHEUR has been achieved through his own hard work. All the boats have been carefully constructed from scratch,
beautifully designed and painted and put to work (on sunny days) on the lake which he alone has modified with hand dredged canals and handmade Japonese bridges.


There are a flotilla of different boats from cross channel ferries, to tugs and the rainbow warrior. Each boat is chosen for its captain and crew depending on their age and number. From 9yrs and over you can captain your own low sided tug boat, for the toddlers with mum and dad in tow, you’ll get the high sided Britanny ferries cross channel ferry (with a life jacket too).

When staying at our family friendly holiday cottages in Charente Maritime, France, St Savinien is a lovely afternoon trip out where you can play in the park, relax with an ice cream and cold drink in the shade, have a meal in a restaurant or picnic by the side of the river and the whole family can enjoy a ride out on one of these beautifully crafted electric boats.

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content by Wendy Blakeman

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