Ernest le glacier, La Rochelle

Whenever visiting La Rochelle we recommend popping into Ernests ice cream shop; we always make time, usually after a meal at Andrés seafood restaurant



It’s always busy and there’s often a queue but it’s worth it. There is an array of ice creams to choose from,(100 apparently) too many really – it’s often really hard to choose which one or ones to have !





The flavours range from strawberry, vanilla and chocolate to lime with basil, bubblegum, fig and melon in Pineau – yumm.

Ernest le glacier 2016-09-10-14-35-47









They now have two shops in La Rochelle and one in Niort too. They do ice lollies, cornets and ‘pot Italien’ which you can fill with up to 10 different flavours and share with friends !

The scoops are always really generous – these double scoops below cost 4€



Content by Wendy Blakeman



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