'Try dives' and 'Fun dives'
for adults and children
at our family friendly gites
Charente Maritime, France
youngsters to just how much fun and exciting breathing
underwater can be!  

Scubaschool.fr and their British instructors have joined up with us
to offer a range of diving options for all the
family at our family gites here in the Charente Maritime, so make
your holiday a bit special and try scuba diving  with us !

All equipment is provided and all the instructors are highly
qualified and insured for your safety.

This will be done in maximum groups of 8 participants (minimum 2) and will be conducted by a P.A.D.I. Course Director and a
Dive master. Giving a student to instructor ratio of no more than 4:1. The experience will last for approx 1 hour giving the
participants an exciting and controlled incite into the underwater world.

Each participant will receive a  briefing, introducing and explaining the use of a mask, Bouyancy Control Device, regulator and
pressure gauge.
There will be -  Help with putting on and adjusting their scuba equipment.
-  An explanation of breathing rules and equalization techniques
-  An overview of regulator and mask clearing.
-  Direct supervision of divers as they breathe underwater and swim around in shallow water (up to 1m depth)

When /if comfortable, the participants will be taken into the deeper pool water (up to 2m) as appropriate.  
This will be followed by confidence and experience gaining exercises (games such as collecting dive sticks and smaller objects)

At the end of the session there will be a debrief of the divers explaining what they have achieved and what their next step is if
they want to continue their training.

offering fun dives where they will kit out the children with the breathing equipment and
then will walk around the shallow end of the pool holding them just under the surface with
older siblings but without having to be able to swim or follow the training of the 'try dive'
experience. They don't even need to be able to swim !