Do you want a rustic country cottage or a modern 'Florida' style villa ? The cottages at La Grange du Moulin are not modern properties with cream walls,
crystal glasses and trendy soft furnishings.
We are not offering a luxury property, we are offering a traditional gite, they are basically but fully equipped for
the number of people they can accommodate. We have basic equipment such as a gas hob which is lit by a match, a hob top kettle (not electric) and a work
top electric oven or new but 'old fashioned' gas oven in Peche - also lit by a match (not a stainless steel range cooker!)  The equipment may be basic but it is
always in fully working order and clean and even better - keeps the price down to a reasonable amount (we do know of 'luxury' gites that charge 6000€ per
week). We want our families to be able to relax and enjoy themselves. Please make sure you read all the information provided concerning the cottage and
property, we fully describe what each is equipped with. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions - we will be honest.

You will have to supervise your children We are offering property that welcomes and caters for families with young children, however you are still responsible
for them and cannot expect to leave them unattended or unsupervised for any length of time. No property could be 100% safe, we are not offering a 'padded'
environment nor kids clubs or 24/7 childcare. Our property is for families wanting to spend time with their children !
There are a number of hazards which we clearly describe in our '
parent points' which you must read and accept before booking.
Are we close enough to the coast and beaches for you ? If you only want 1 or 2 trips to the coast then the hours journey is a pleasure, with lovely clear roads for the most part,
even in summer. However, if you love the beach and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the coast - we are too far away and will be too quiet for you.
Do you have 'wild life' phobias ? We really are in the countryside, during harvest time, mice have been known to  enter the cottages, very few of our guests see them and if you
sweep up your crumbs before going to bed, they will stay away. Bats are regularly seen at dusk, as are owls and are excellent at keeping the mice numbers lower ! Spiders often
seek the cool shade of your cottage and are good at catching flies (which no one likes !) Lizards are common.
Internet access ? Yes we have access to the internet free of charge and wifi in certain areas (only outside gites at La Grange but inside gites at Les vallaies) however we are
lucky to have it at all as we arn't in or near a big city so don't expect to be able to download movies or conduct business conference calls or skype as the connection just isn't
fast enough. It is perfectly adequate though to check emails and browse the net.
Do you want to be able to walk to bars, shops and restaurants ? If so we are not for you. The nearest restaurants, supermarkets etc are in St Jean d'Angely 6 miles away (10
mins drive).  St Jean is not a huge town either, go on a Monday and it will appear like a ghost town. Even when all the shops are open it is still quiet by UK standards.

Why do some guests book again and again ? Mostly for the reasons given above ! they want to escape the hustle of the coastal resorts, they love the rural surroundings of our
cottages, enjoy bat watching and star gazing as they enjoy a bottle of wine with their neighbours. They enjoy exploring the small towns and villages and chatting to locals and
soaking up the relaxed atmosphere of French country life. Lazy days by the pool watching the children make new friends and a stroll through the country lanes before lighting
up the bbq for dinner
Phone or email us, If you have any questions.

Complete the booking form, and wait for us to confirm your reservation.

Payment of the £250 deposit may be made by bank transfer to our uk account or by uk cheque, payable to
Chris and Wendy Blakeman. If paying in euros, we can only accept a bank transfer to our french account,
no euro cheques. We will give you our bank details and address on receipt of your booking form.
Payment of the deposit must be received within 5 working days otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
On receiving your deposit we will send you written confirmation of your booking.
Twelve weeks before your arrival we will send a reminder for the full balance,
due ten weeks prior to arrival.

On receipt of your full balance we will send directions and a receipt of payment confirmation,
together with some useful info.
If at any time you have any questions or wish to request further optional extra services,
don't hesitate to contact us.
Contact Chris and Wendy Blakeman
tel: 00 33 546330902