Social evenings at our family friendly
gites in south west France
during one of our many social evenings. Each week we
whatever you want to eat and drink. We get things going
with an aperitif and light the barbecues and then usually
the guys enjoy a beer around the bbq fire whilst cooking
for their families, the children run and play around the
garden and the ladies sit back with a chilled glass of wine
and a chat. We all try to sit down together to eat and
once the babies are in bed we then bring out some
dessert and the famous sparkling cognac ! Often our
guests sit out until the early hours watching the stars,
knowing their children are tucked up safely in bed just a
few metres away - it's a night out without actually having
to 'go out' !
Every other week or so, or when requested, we turn the
barbecue evening into a seafood evening. Our guests go off to
the local market and buy mussels, oysters and any other
seafood they fancy (we give you advice if you don't know what to
look for) Then in the evening everyone mucks in to help shuck
from our herb garden for the moules (mussels) which then Chris
cooks in a huge pot and everyone shares. Ideal for seafood
lovers and also a great opportunity for those who have never
eaten oysters or mussels, to learn how to prepare them and also
to try them.
running around playing but Mum and Dad can enjoy a glass (or 4
!) of wine in a very relaxed atmosphere. We charge 12€ per adult
if you wish to enjoy our local platters and wines, you also get the
chance to chat to Chris about wine in general if you wish to. All the
produce is sourced/produced locally and gives a good insight into
local tastes and the amazing variety of local produce. Not
necessarily every week, we need a minimum of 8 adults to
participate, so it depends on demand, but is always a very
enjoyable evening.