Chris, Wendy, Benjamin and Thomas
After many years of holidaying in this area, staying in my parents
holiday home, we finally moved here in 1996. We havn't looked
back since. After a number of years renovating stone barns into
family gites, learning how to look after our guests and drinking
many glasses of wine with them, we now feel very confident in our
ability to offer just what young families like our own really need from
a holiday here in France. We have not, however, become
complacent. We are constantly thinking of new ideas to add to the
enjoyment, every year we update, replace, renew and re- paint as
well as add. Our cottages today are very different from what they
were when we first started out. In 1996, the most common question
was 'is there an iron and a tea pot'. Times are different and
expectations are higher.
It really is important to us that our
guests enjoy their stay with us. Ask
us as many questions as you can,
we will be honest. If you are after
crystal glasses and louis 14th
furniture you are on the wrong web
site ! Our cottages are comfortably
furnished, clean and well equipped
but with the needs and comfort of
young families
in mind so you can relax.
Over the years we have developed the wine theme to our guests
stay. This sets us apart from everyone else. Chris worked all his
adult life in the wine industry, selling, buying and teaching wine, its
also a passionate hobby. Our wine tastings and family vine walks
add to the enjoyment of the parents holiday and are extremely
popular, but its not compulsory of course !
Chris will happily chat all you like about wine in general, as long as
you offer him a glass whilst hes doing it !  In fact he'll chat about
anything with a glass in his hand !
Benjamin (born March 2003) and Thomas (born August 2005) are our two boys and they love the summer when they have new
playmates every week.  We are loving parenthood especially in such a beautiful rural environment where they are free to run
around in great open spaces. They are both at the local school, which they adore and they are both as fluent in French as all
their French school friends. They play football and badminton, swim like fish and both play the piano.
Wendy has become a registered child minder here
in France, so now Wendy can look after you children
during the day to give you a break and some time to
relax even more . You can rest assured in the
knowledge that you also have a capable babysitter
on hand so you can enjoy a night out too.
Since having our own children, the needs of young families on holiday were made even more evident to us. We have always
been a family location but we now specifically cater to young families where we not only provide  pleasant self catering  
accommodation but we can provide all the things required by a family with young children, from cots to steam sterilisers; saving
you room in the car and making your holiday run more smoothly. Entertaining children is a constant job; by providing toys,
slides, swings and of course our pirate ship, trampoline, pottery and T-shirt painting, scuba diving and other family activities
such as the weekly barbecue and family vine walks an all in a safe environment where there are other English speaking
children to play with too - your children are happy all day and I pretty much guarantee you'll have the time to finish at least one
book whilst staying with us !
In the winter time Wendy concentrates on being a Mum, taking the children to all their activities, participating in local events
(member of the parents association and also runs an English workshop at the primary school) and running the office side of the
business - updating the web site, taking bookings and dealing with all the French bureacracy ! Chris concentrates on improving
and expanding our business structurally, by renewing and repairing and we are also in the middle of building a whole new house
to let out on a long term basis, it will be our second. We have to take advantage of the winter period to take our own holiday and
usually take a weeks skiing break plus a trip maybe to the Uk or somewhere else in France in the October half term or Easter.