WINE TASTINGS and wine activities
when staying at our family friendly holiday cottages
in the Charente Maritime, France
We are ideally situated in France, here in the Charente Maritime, the family holiday cottages are in fact in the
heart of the Fin Bois region of Cognac and vines can be found in any direction.
Bordeaux and its world famous vineyards are only a 1.5hr drive.
When staying at our family friendly holiday cottages here in the Charente Maritime region of France we can
offer exclusive wine tastings and activities.

Professional wine tastings, Family vineyard tours, Taste du terroir social evenings all add to mum and dads
holiday enjoyment. Chris Blakeman is our very own professional wine expert.

Chris has made his living in the wine industry teaching 'wine' to employees within the hospitality industry. It is
also a passionate hobby and he enjoys sharing his knowledge to all who are interested and dispelling some of
the mystery which surrounds wine.
Professional wine tastings at
La Grange du Moulin

Six fine wines will be selected to
give a well rounded and enjoyable
tasting. The evening is intended
to be an informal and friendly chat
about wine where you feel at
ease and able to ask any
questions you wish about wine.

Chris will go through in detail how
to taste a wine including
appearance, nose and taste. You
will have the chance to make
notes and discuss what you see,
smell, think about each wine.

No one will be put on the spot and
you can say as much or as little
as you wish. After the tasting
Chris will talk a bit about his top
tips for wine buying. In all it lasts
about 3 hours.  

8 per group, no children. 30€ per
. Held in our front garden,
baby monitors should reach from
your cottage.
La Grange du Moulin
Family Vineyard walks at
La Grange du Moulin

Our family vine walks held each
week, start with a cold glass of
Pineau for the adults and a short
chat about this
locally made drink.

We then take a gentle stroll along
the country lanes and tracks
towards the vineyards.

Stopping regularly along the way,
Chris talks about the countryside,
its history and uses today, how
vines grow and why wine tastes
like it does, plus anything else
you would like to know.

Lasts about 2hrs. Not strenuous,
can take prams although a bit
bumpy through the vines.
8€ per adult, free for children

If you can't make on of our
wine tastings we have Taste
du Terroir evenings as an
alternative or extra
social evening.

Here we have a selection of
local produce, wines and food
all sourced from within 20km
of our family holiday cottages
and produced by small family
owned enterprises.

Held early evening and in the
garden so the children can
play whilst mum and dad
enjoy the local delicacies - not
a meal, more of an aperitif,
very relaxed and informal.

You can chat to Chris about
the wines and Wendy about
the food or just chat to the
other guests about
anything at all.
15€ per adult
Professional Wine tastings
at La Grange du Moulin
Taste du Terroir evenings
at La Grange du Moulin
Vineyard walks
at La Grange du Moulin